area of science: Cryogenics


1876 - Christopher leaves his young family behind to work in Norway. He will map the uncharted mountains for the very first time.

1999 - Anna’s body freezes after an extreme-skiing accident and her heart stops. But doctors gradually warm her until it miraculously starts beating again.

2011 - Freija, a successful business woman, has just lost her father. She travels to scatter his ashes in Norway.

2034 – Nicholas explains a medical breakthrough which saved his life as a baby, whereby the human body can be ‘suspended in animation.’

Spanning 150 years, curious directive fuse movement, live piano score and video unraveling the landscapes of the heart and our own personal geographies.


Your Last Breath was part of an Arts Council England R&D followed by further development at the Jersey Arts Centre.

Fringe First Winner 2011 / Shortlisted for the Carol Tambor Award 2011


‘Connections of many different kinds lie at the heart of this rigorous, inventive and intelligent show from bright young company curious directive.’
★★★★ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

‘Supremely imaginative.’
★★★★ The Telegraph

‘Simultaneously sad and stunning.’
★★★★ The Scotsman