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How it began.

In September 2008, curious directive began devising Return to the Silence, a piece of theatre exploring neuroscience.

Since that moment exploring life through the lens of science, curious directive has gradually evolved into a small family of theatre-makers led by Artistic Director Jack Lowe.

Operating from Norwich, we forge sustained relationships with science communities, theatre audiences and technology partners in pursuit of layered, emotionally charged science-led theatre.

Our science exploration ranges from the sub-atomic level (Quantum Biology) to billions of star systems (Astrophysics).

Our process is primarily led by new ways to tell stories.

We find ourselves creating two strands of work:

1. WIDESCREEN end-on theatre work. This is theatre on the mid-scale on large stages (with 300-500 audience) with large teams. Shows like Pioneer (2014) and Spindrift (2016).

2. DIY-DIGITAL. This is theatre which allows us to explore existing technology and incorporate new cutting-edge technology into a theatre environment (with 1-100 audience). Shows like The Kindness of Strangers (2013) and Frogman (2017). 

curious directive is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation (NPO), receiving public funds to create theatre up until 2022.