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The Tech Library

The Tech Library

At curious directive we use cutting-edge technology in our productions.

When we’ve been able to, we’ve purchased our kit.

We’re happy to share our resources with you. 

The Tech Library means you can borrow any of the equipment listed below.

It means you can experiment with digital technology as you make theatre.

We have the following items in The Tech Library:

-      1 x Samsung 2017 Dual Lens Camera (360)
-      60 x Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headsets/wands
-      2 x Sanyo video projectors
-      1 x GoPro Hero 5 camera
-      50 x Samuing Gear Virtual Reality Headsets
-      1 x MOTU Sound Card

All charging and power leads are 2019 PAT tested.

Terms and Conditions

-     You must be a registered charity, specifically creating theatre in the UK.
-     You can only borrow our equipment for development phases.
-     If borrowing from afar, you must pay for postage, packing and shipping as well as sufficient insurance.
-     All borrowed equipment must be returned within 7 days of the end of the hire to allow others to access the library.
-     The equipment must return to us in the condition it was sent, or the borrower will be liable to pay the damages.
-     curious directive will administrate any postage. However, all invoices for the borrow, including postage, packing and shipping must be paid within 28 days of issue.
-     All devices must be factory reset on return.
-     We would appreciate a small ‘thank you’ in the final production.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact

If you’re ready to put in a request, please click on the booking form below.