The final moment in PIONEER. Photo credit: The Other Richard.

The final moment in PIONEER. Photo credit: The Other Richard.

Who we are.

The company is led by Artistic Director, Jack Lowe. The company collaborates with a family of actors, creatives and technicians, but we always work with new people on each project encouraging the evolution of methodology, form and content.

Within the curious directive ensemble:

Artistic Director and Technical Dramaturg
Jack Lowe /

General Manager
Natalie Songer /

Company Production Manager
Rhys Thomas  /

Digital Creative Associate
Jasmine Robinson

Creative Associates
Adam Alston (theatre and performance studies), Karina Sugden (marketing), Gareth Taylor (movement) and Russell Woodhead (story).

Our Board of Trustees for 2019/20

Stephen Crocker, CEO Norwich Theatre Royal (Chair), Leanne Cosby Producer Barbican Centre, Laura Elliot, Programme Director Oxford Playhouse & Sholeh Johnson, Director at Field.

Collaborating Scientists
Frogman - Jamie Craggs (coral reef science)  / Spindrift - Prof. Johnjoe McFadden & Prof. Jim Al-Khalili (Quantum Biology)  / Pioneer - Dr. Lewis Dartnell (Astrobiology) / The Kindness of Strangers - Tracy Dye (Paramedic Science) / After the Rainfall - Dr. Henry Ferguson-Gow (Myrmecology) / Your Last Breath - Prof. Mike Tipton (Cold water immersion) / Return to the Silence -  Dr. Chris Burgess (Neuroscience).

R&Ds Prof. Martin Hendry (Astronomy), Dr. Kevin Moffat (Genetics), Simon Watt (Evolutionary Biology), Robert Howell (Physics) and many more.