Spindrift, 2016 Photo by TOR.

Spindrift, 2016 Photo by TOR.

The third culture.

Our work begins with a group of people, an embryo of an idea, an empty room in a church and a blank sheet of paper.

4 weeks, but sometimes years later, we have a piece of theatre ready to share.

The arts and sciences exist within, and are interconnected to, one another.

It takes specific actions to reveal the creative potential of these ways of seeing.

Our work treats stories from the science world as being some of the most emotionally charged, compassionate and supremely imaginative interpretations contemporary life.

Every time we start with a blank sheet of paper, we begin a journey of trying to capture a completely new insight into the human experience for our audiences.

Books are not our only starting point. In fact, our starting points have varied across a range of ideas. However, below is a carousel of some of our starting points to give you an idea.