area of science: Myrmecology (the study of ants)


1952 – Edward and Ishak are in a Tiger moth, flying high over the Egyptian desert.

1986 – Claire is in Cumbria, home from art college. The Haig pit is closing as Peter inspires her to create a memorial to her brother.

2012 – Rashida is on a pilgrimage across Europe to see the Rosetta stone. A sandstorm rages across the Sahara.

2022 – John has written a best-selling book about the communication of ants. Grace is working on a controversial nuclear waste depository in Egypt. They unexpectedly meet live on air in an Al Jazeera interview.


Made in association with Watford Palace Theatre. Supported by the Wellcome Trust. Previewed at the Junction, Cambridge as part of SAMPLED12.


‘How do you weave together the Arab Spring, the study of ants, a lost coal miner and the dying days of empire? Very cleverly if you’re curious directive.’
★★★★ The Scotsman
‘Beautiful…compelling…intelligent, highly original theatre.’
★★★★ The Telegraph
‘Jack Lowe and his ensemble continually push boundaries and fire imaginations.’
★★★★ The Metro
‘After the Rainfall is a beautiful thing to behold…immaculate in its use of movement, shifting between its various distinct worlds with remarkable ease.’
★★★★ Exeunt Magazine
A lively, entertaining and imaginative production – not something you’d see at the Edinburgh Fringe everyday.’
★★★★ A Younger Theatre