area of science: Neuroscience


One morning Dr Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroscientist, wakes up and realises that she is suffering from a stroke. Studying her own brain from the inside, she makes a number of life changing discoveries about her perception of the world. The audience witness a number of the patients which she has met, read about or heard about over her years as a practising brain scientist.

Exploring the phenomenon of the Capgras Delusion, Periodic limb Movement, Pica syndrome and sudden loss of depth perception, Return to the Silence uses intricate choreography, video design and mobile audience seating – the show takes its audience into the mysterious and unchartered territory of the human brain; shifting backwards and forwards between the left and right hemispheres.


Return to the Silence began at the Warwick Arts Centre Studio. 
The show was selected for the National Student Drama Festival 2009. 
It then transferred for a short run at the SHUNT vaults in the summer of 2009.


'An assault on the senses…the company conjures a complete world…a distinctive calling card from a company to watch' Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
★★★★ 'Powerful…a dramatic pleasure'  Caroline McGinn, Time Out
'This troupe has pulled off something special' David Cohen, New Scientist
'A remarkable new performance ensemble' Mark Robbins, Guardian Science