area of science: coral reefs


It's 2018, a police officer arrives at Meera's coral laboratory. Meera is interrogated about Ashleigh Richardson, a 13-year-old girl who went missing in 1995.

It's 1995, and Meera is eleven. It’s her first sleepover with her best friends, Lily and Shaun.

Cassette recordings from the radio and Sega Mega Drive distract them from theories about Ashleigh’s disappearance. Outside, on the Great Barrier Reef, police divers are on a search- and-rescue mission by torchlight.

At the crossroads of contemporary performance and cutting-edge tech, FROGMAN is a coming-of-age thriller exploring the fragility of the childhood imagination. Audiences experience the 1995 storyline in a 360 degree VR environment.  At once a coming-of-age drama, supernatural thriller and pioneering integration of live performance and virtual reality, Frogman will sweep you up in its wake.


a curious directive, Absolutely Cultured, The Deep aquarium, The Old Market co-production in association with Brisbane Powerhouse.


26 - 30 September 2018 - Beijing Inside Out Festival

11 - 15 October 2018 - Melbourne International Festival

17 - 21 October 2018 - Brisbane Powerhouse and Brisbane International Film Festival

24 - 28 October 2018 - UK/ID Festival, Jakarta (Indonesia)